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RIP, Ted Kennedy

I remember when JFK and RFK were killed. I was very young when I watched the JFK funeral, but I remember John, Jr.'s salute, and it hit me hard when the son died so senselessly years later. Bobby was shot early in the morning and I remember standing on line to go into my Junior High classroom that day and trying to find someone as upset as I was, but the only response I got was, "Who is he?"

Teddy lived to grow old and to see so much more tragedy. He also had to redeem himself. I know a lot of people will say that he could not and that Mary Jo Kopechne's death overshadows everything else he accomplished. I was unsympathetic to him myself for many years. But sometimes age brings compassion or understanding, or maybe just a realization that we all have crimes to atone. I'd like to think that her memory helped inspire his achievements.

His final, ironic tragedy was that cancer took him before he could achieve his goal of providing health care for all Americans. We need to pass a good bill and name it after him.

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