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the anti-masturbation homophobe won

She has a chance of becoming a U.S. Senator, along with the anti-fluoridation candidate in Nevada and the one in Kentucky who thinks that it's wrong to force a restaurant not to discriminate against its customers but it's okay to force a rape or incest victim to carry an unwanted pregnancy. Apparently, a man's business is sacred but a woman's uterus needs to be regulated by the government.

Speaking of uteri, I've been watching Rachel Maddow try to tactfully disagree with Chris Matthew's opinion that the anti-pleasure, anti-gay candidate won the nomination with the help of women who are upset that Hillary Clinton didn't get the presidential nomination. Chris seems wedded to the notion that there is a Vagina Vote.

Me? I gave up at trying to explain why an anti-tax crowd, enraged at a President who lowered their taxes, has declared its hatred of government by voting for candidates who want to regulate citizens' personal lives.

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