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I post vampire porn and random squawks here. You may also be subjected to local news, provided it's absurd, and pictures of my children during their formative years. Politics will be mentioned at times, and it goes without saying those posts will also be absurd.

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missmurchison [userpic]
What on earth happened to November?

Okay, If I think about it, I do know what happened. In bullet form, like the tech writer I used to be

  • Went to New Orleans at the very end of October and met with M-TNG-1, who is working in Louisiana
  • Visited Marie Leveau's tomb and some spooky graveyards on Halloween day
  • Sat in a nice restaurant on Bourbon street that night, watching Halloween in NOLA pass us by (yes, I know most of that was still October, but by bedtime it was November)
  • Stayed for a week at a turn-of-the-last-century hotel, sightseeing
  • Petted a baby alligator in a swamp
  • Discovered work had gotten even more backed up than usual, leading to more overtime than usual
  • Got surprising call from contractor saying he could probably get my new kitchen cabinets installed by Thanksgiving if I could empty every blessed thing out of the room right away
  • Spent 5 nervous days with no kitchen sink, wondering if he really could
  • Had all my helpers at work pulled for another project (hardly a novel occurrence)
  • Almost fainted with shock when new cabinets and counter tops were installed just before Thanksgiving
  • Managed to get the kitchen into a useable condition
  • Spent a wonderful long weekend with Jwaneeta, M:TNG-2, and two of TNG-2's college friends
  • Worked yet more overtime and somehow managed to make project goals by the end of the month
And now I've dumped all Mr. M's clothes on our bed because the shelves in his closet decided to fall apart. I'm putting in new organizers, which will be very nice when they're done, but right now I'm very tired and we will be sleeping in one of the kid's rooms tonight.

ETA: I know I should post pictures of at least some of this, or it didn't happen, but all my pictures are on my cell, which I have forgotten to recharge.