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I post vampire porn and random squawks here. You may also be subjected to local news, provided it's absurd, and pictures of my children during their formative years. Politics will be mentioned at times, and it goes without saying those posts will also be absurd.

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missmurchison [userpic]
A video to hate

Rick Perry must have spent a fortune to get this ad on the air in Iowa, because I can't flip a channel without seeing it. It's well on its way to becoming the most disliked video on YouTube, and I encourage you to listen for as long as you can and record your own reaction there.

Right now, all anyone is hearing about Iowa is how well hateful, right-wing politics is playing here. That's because only the Republican nomination is up for grabs. The nature of the caucus system means that only people willing to drag themselves out in freezing weather and spend a few hours in an elementary school gym arguing and shuffling around participate. Which means that the system is skewed to the more extreme end of the Republican base, the kind of people who still haven't figured out that gay marriage is no threat even though it's been legal here for years and the only documented effect is a slight bump to the economy because of the people coming in from out-of-state to get married.

The kids in this video are more representative of the Iowans I meet every day: