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I post vampire porn and random squawks here. You may also be subjected to local news, provided it's absurd, and pictures of my children during their formative years. Politics will be mentioned at times, and it goes without saying those posts will also be absurd.

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missmurchison [userpic]
How do you have a "missed connection" at home?

I haven't been single in decades, so someone needs to explain this to me. Specifically, the top Indiana result. I understand how you can see someone in a store, on a train or at the gym and miss your chance to hook up. Hawaii wins for having many of those fleeting encounters that leave the romantic or just plain horny wanting more on the beach.

But how do you have a missed connection at home? I'm imagining lots of Indianans scoping out their brothers and sisters-in-law over Thanksgiving but never quite doing the deed because that annoying sibling kept walking by. Or maybe they regret not propositioning the plumber?