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I post vampire porn and random squawks here. You may also be subjected to local news, provided it's absurd, and pictures of my children during their formative years. Politics will be mentioned at times, and it goes without saying those posts will also be absurd.

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missmurchison [userpic]
Okay, ALL our headlines aren't boring

Armed Robber Escapes with Sex Doll

I love the way that headline makes it sound like the doll was his partner..., um, I mean moll. I have this image of the doll driving the getaway car.

I also enjoy the subtext of surprise that those things are so expensive.

missmurchison [userpic]
Things are back to normal in Iowa

You know the politicians have fled when this qualifies as a headline.

I ponder the significance of specifying that it was an Iowan who was accused of an attack with a toy monkey. Does this mean we are back to observing only our own (even if they come from a faraway place like Des Moines)? Or is it shock that an Iowan would do such a thing, implying that all those strange people running around the state because of the caucuses have lowered our moral standards?

missmurchison [userpic]
Sign of the times

I lost my cell phone, which was not much of a disaster, because I was due for an upgrade. I got a new one today, and I spent over a half hour playing around to see what it could do before it occurred to me to find out how to use it to make a phone call.

missmurchison [userpic]
rescheduling the apocalypse

How did I miss the news that there's a new date for the end of the world? It's May 21, 2011, so I'm glad I scheduled my vacation in April. Really, I thought we had until 2012. I saw a movie about it.

Ah, well, perhaps God will reschedule, as he has so many times. He may be omnipotent, but he's also almighty bad at keeping appointments.

missmurchison [userpic]
I don't know about you, but I need a laugh

I've been torturing [info]keswindhover with these; now it's your turn.

I recently found this site, which posts WTF? pictures found on real estate sites. In many cases, the Whatthefuckery comes from wondering how anyone could think that picture could help sell a house.

This is always good for my ego, because although I'm not saying I would never keep a lawnmower in the kitchen, I would have enough sense not to leave it there when ReMax came by.

Then there are the pictures that make me feel better about my lack of decorating skills. I may never do a good job, but at least I didn't do this. Or this. Whatever that is.

But as I look, I develop a reluctant admiration for the adventurous folks who had the nerve to do what they wanted with their abode, damn anyone else's opinion. In fact, some of these houses have a fairy tale aspect.

Oh, and there's a running gag about chairs on the site.

ETA: I want a camouflage bathtub of my very own. And either this house is haunted by the ghost of Dali or someone needs to have their Photoshop taken away.

missmurchison [userpic]
A furry mystery

No, not that kind of furry.

I have three bird feeders in my yard. One is old and falling to bits and one is a recent gift that seems to be not only squirrel-resistant but also bird-resistant (although I may just need to try another type of bird food), so I haven't been filling it. A third fell apart recently, and I suspect a squirrel of helping to detach the stand from the base, spilling seeds all over the yard. I replaced that one yesterday, and the birds seem to like the new one.

I also refilled the old one yesterday, deciding it might as well serve its purpose until it actually fell to bits. This afternoon, I found it in this condition:

I thought it had just given died a natural death until I saw this on the ground:

It's all gray fur, no feathers and no blood. So, I ask those on my FL with far greater knowledge of natural science than I (that would be all of you), what happened here? Obviously, the replacement of the broken feeder with another that it couldn't access drove the squirrel to the old, decrepit one. But what next? Did one of those owls I hear hooting at night come along and snatch up the squirrel as it tried to raid the feeder? Did it get into a fight with a bird over custody of the sunflower seeds? Or did the stupid thing just fall in and lose a sizable chunk of fur trying to crawl back out?

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